Monday, 17 October 2011

Autumn Induced Lethargy

Oh dear, it has happened again. Almost a month exactly since my last blog post…very bad.

The truth is that there has not been much to report – the preserving is all finished, the pigs are happy and still growing. The lambs still haven’t gone to slaughter but should be ready next week. The vegetable patch is terribly overgrown – the lawn is almost eight inches high.

I think we are both suffering from Autumn Fatigue. It happens every year – after seven months of digging, watering, mowing and planting, I am a bit fed up, and so we harvest but very little else. The next thing is to start the digging once it is cold enough (nothing worse than being hot and sweaty while digging). I walk past shop displays of tulip bulbs and cringe with guilt that I haven't done this yet. I know I am almost missing my last opportunity to stick in some overwintering onion sets.

However, perhaps most importantly, we have been out enjoying the Autumn. Libby, our little pup is now old enough to go on shortish walks, so we have been taking her to explore. This weekend, we spent a lovely afternoon at nearby Westonbirt Arboretum which is famous for its Autumn colours. It is pretty special round here at this time of year:

Luminous gold trees are stunning against the clear blue skies. This photo isn't photo shopped, honestly!

The sun is lower in the sky and casts shadows that make giants out of little pups:


Enough sunlight gets through the canopy to light up the acers:

Ripe scarlet maple seeds are just about to spin to earth:

The summer sun has bleached the bark of eucalyptus trees:

And there are plenty of nice sticks around!

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