Monday, 21 February 2011

Winter Jobs

February is slipping away and I had hoped to have caught up with digging the vegetable patch over by now.

Unfortunately it rained heavily this week and so the soil was just too wet to do any serious digging - as it was my boots were leaving great deep footprints. So, to avoid the risk of compacting the soil, I did some clearing up instead.

Over the year we had cut back a lot of the surrounding shrubs and trees to allow more light through to our patch. During the busy summer period this had been thrown into a big heap, which we are now working through. After sorting out the logs we could burn in our log burner, we chopped the rest down and had a lovely big bonfire. We used a knackered old wheelbarrow because I don't want my veg patch covered in ash.

It is so satisfying to get rid of it all, a real winter job. I had forgotten how much fun a bonfire can be - a really primal pleasure.

Look closely at the photo above and you will see that the hen house door (light sensitive) has opened - and a not very impressed cockerel peering out!

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