Monday, 7 February 2011

A WOW Moment

Just had to share this with you. Walking through the garden today I couldn't help but squeal on noticing one of the hellebores I planted last year in the herbaceous border had finally opened.

Helleborus x hybridus 'Red Lady'
 Stunning eh? I love Hellebores because they are so unassuming from above - you would never know these gorgeous blooms were there unless you stop to lift the nodding heads.

I got these last year in February as tiny plugs, grew them on in the cold frame and planted them out in May in amongst the perennials. They were totally smothered and I didn't expect any flowers until next year, as they dislike root disturbance. So lucky me!

Hybridus hellebores like heavy, neutral or alkaline soil in dappled shade - but in my experience, so long as they are not sitting with their feet in water or bone dry, they will be fine.

I bought them from Hayloft Plants by mail order and I see this year they have the same offer on (10 for £16). May have to buy some more to have in pots next to the house. Displaying them on the shoulder-height wall next to my front door would mean I wouldn't have to bend down to get my hellebore fix.

But that would be cheating.

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