Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Heaven is a Free Greenhouse!

Mi Casa

Granted, it is not a thing of great beauty, and the palm house at Kew need not fret over its world heritage status. We will probably replace the bottom panels with glass over time and it needs a gravel floor.

However it will make an enormous difference to us this year - hopefully our tomatoes will ripen (the polytunnel just wasn't light or warm enough)  and no more leggy seedlings, as we struggle to find a bright windowsill in the house.

No more of these leggy seedlings for me!
We were given this 10ft x 8ft beauty by someone on our local Freecycle group, who were redeveloping their house and needed to pull it down. It even came with built in staging and automatic window openers.

A bit of Ronsil (also free!) and the staging was as good as new.
 We calculated that the whole thing cost under £20, which was the price of the replacement screws and petrol to and from its old home. Similar sized new ones online cost £700. Well worth the 30 hours spent between us taking it down, putting it up and giving it a good clean. And with minimal swearing and spanner throwing!

Ah, the wonders of Freecycle. To think, this could have been at the bottom of a skip by now and instead it is propagating my bean and pea seedlings.


  1. hooray! - we also have a freecycle greenhouse we had to rebuild :)

  2. Hello Bonnie, very nice green house, I'm ever so slightly jealous of it,even better for winning it from freecycle. Well done.x

  3. Thanks Mumma Troll...although I am v. jealous of your recycled sheet dress, so we are even!