Monday, 23 May 2011

The rest of the time bit

Please forgive the self indulgent rant which follows:

Another Monday and back to work. At the latest possible moment on Sunday nights the dread sets in. Fingernails are scrubbed, work shirts are frantically hung all over the place to dry at the last minute and the fecking alarm clock is set for a totally ungodly hour. Just incase this blog gives the impression that my life is one long pastoral frolic, I thought I would give you an idea of what the majority of the week is like:

Ah, the scenic and beautiful M4 morning commute. This is 5hrs and 45 minutes of my week.
Then there follows 37 hours and 30 minutes of this...

I know, Diet Poison - I hate myself, really.
Then, as a reprieve, if I can drag my sorry backside out for a run at lunchtime, approximately 3 hours a week of this:

Bristol Harbourside is a gorgeous place to run.
Then it is back in the car for a mind numbing 5hrs 45 mins a week of this:

And if I am lucky, the weather holds and it is still light I squeeze in an hour in the evening, of this:

Nude tights and a pencil skirt - ideal and totally practical gardening attire.


  1. Hello

    Found your blog via Barefoot Crofter, and thought I would stop and say hello.

    I am fascinated by your adventures, and was wondering whether you have a farming back ground, or just fly by the seat of your pants.

    Your blog makes lovely reading, I even found myself working out the cost of keeping chickens!

  2. Hi Kelly, thanks for leaving a comment and nice to meet you.

    No farming background sadly, very much the latter! We have made plenty of mistakes but that is all part of the fun and thankfully there are plenty of people around on here to offer advice.

    I think you should definitely go for the chickens - not sure it is cost effective, but well worth it for homegrown eggs, manure or just the entertainment value alone!

    Bonnie x