Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Yes I Said Crochet

I could bear it no more. Susie at Useless Beauty, you have pushed me over the edge with all of your pictures of gorgeous homemade knitted stuff and I have decided to have a bash at crocheting something (again).

My long suffering boyfriend simply rolled his eyes and prepared himself for the coming weeks of mood swings, cries of frustration and bits of wool clogging up the hoover. You see I really do want to be good at knitting, and in my head I have visions of creating artisan pieces such as Susie and also my favourite if-money-was-no-object designer   Linda Wilson. I have tried several times and spent a fortune on wool but as yet have only created one wearable piece - a scarf. I did try a hat, but got fed up half way through and finished it off too soon, so that it is more like a Kippah and rolls itself off my head within two minutes of putting it on.

So I have started with a baby blanket. I actually bought this wool and pattern to make a blanket for my best friend Emma's impending arrival but I am ashamed to say he has just celebrated his second birthday.

The lady in John Lewis said it was quite simple so I bought the right size hook and the wool then got it home and opened the pattern...

Simple? Even the right way up it looks like Swahili to me.
I started it so many times, got lost and then gave up. This time I am determined to get it right. I re-created the pattern on graph paper using little pictures, and I think I have cracked it! I have gotten to the end of the pattern and and now just have to repeat it several hundred times.
It's a miracle! A pattern has emerged and everything!
If nothing else it is a great weight loss tool as I have so far been too busy with my fingers to put anything in my mouth of an evening.

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  1. Hello- I found your blog through Elf Sufficient and thought I should say a howdy! I love the idea of your blog- I understand the horrid balance of spending a lot of time doing something you have to do in order to spend a bit of time doing what you love to do. I also understand your crochet frustration. I mastered a straight chain and then gave up because I couldn't progress to flower! Your blanket is looking lovely- bit in awe of that progress :)