Monday, 26 March 2012

Stop Me and Buy One

I am so sorry dear reader for my neglect of late. Somehow, things have been really busy lately and though I compile posts in my head as I am going along, I never find the time to sit and write them.

Our most exciting news lately has been the purchase of our camper van, with a loan from my daddy dearest. (Touching I know - although he did insist on my signing a loan agreement!). Our budget was a measly £1500 - so thoughts of gorgeous split screen VW's had to be quashed. We ended up with this beast, which someone at work was unkind enough to describe as looking like an ice-cream van:

At least it isn't beige.

But, we love it! The idea is, since we are always too broke to go anywhere - walking weekends, festivals etc we can just pile the camper instead in and bugger off for the price of a tank of fuel.

It has a loo, oven, grill/hob, sink with running water and the bed is really comfortable. We stayed in Derbyshire for a weekend on our way back from collecting it and when plugged in to the electric hook-up it was toasty warm even though there was snow on the ground outside.

I have since made red gingham curtains to replace these tasteful brown flowery ones and am working on a cushion cover for the seat.

The dog was relatively impressed.

It is old - 1990 in fact and has 155k on the clock, although I am assured that diesel engines age well. We are off to North Wales for it's proper maiden voyage in a few weeks, so fingers crossed we get there. 


  1. Well maybe we'll see you here sometime? It looks much cooler than a vw - so overdone in my opinion. x

  2. Oli (I am presuming it is he) looks very proud of it, especially in the top photo. My brother recently bought a camper van though I am far too ignorant to know what kind. I do however know that when they came to stay the other week they spent more time in it than they did in our house... which I like to think was a compliment to the van rather than an insult to the house. It was definitely a lot warmer than our house, to be fair...

  3. When my family was young, we owned something similar. We would pack up the family on weekends, and head for the nearest beach in Texas. You and Oli will have loads of fun using it. Be sure and post photos of your first trip!