Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Versitile Blog Award

Oooh thank you very much Mandy at the lovely Chateau Moorhen, a fellow versatile blogger, for my lovely Versitile Blogger Award! It is an honour indeed.

Now, following the terms of the award, I am able to pass it on to as many other deserving bloggers (who haven't had it yet) as I wish - but have to declare a hitherto unknown fact about myself for each blog I nominate.

Here goes then:

The Barefoot Crofter

I absolutely love this blog - Jacqui is a crofter on the Isle of Lewis, living the life I dream of. Her blog is visually very pretty and includes loads of absolutely breathtaking photos. It is also a mixture of tales of local things, recipies, knitting and growing stuff - my four favorite things ever.

Useless Beauty

Susie is the best knitter I have ever known (virtually speaking) and inspired me to knit socks. Although I will never be able to make the amazingly complicated and delicate things that she does, I like to vicariously knit though her lovely blog. Plus she is stalked by every cat in Cambridge and found an unexploaded bomb in her garden.

Chants Cottage

Sarah is doing amazing things in Mid Wales, like foraging and growing things and snooking (hope I got that right) and rennovating an old cottage and I love her dry take on the joys of selfsufficiency.

So, here goes:

1. I still suck my thumb occasionally. Yes, I am over 30 but as far as I am concerned it is free, doesn't make me fat and is totally legal.

2. I am an organic gardener...almost. I just cannot give up the slug pellets - a row of beheadded leuttice plants breaks my heart.

3. I am learning how to be a florist at has been a lifelong dream and I had a revellation at 30 and decided to go for it.

So go and check out these amazing fellow bloggers who make Blogland a lovely place to be.


  1. Nobody has commented so I'm just going to say thank you for the thanks and it was well deserved. xx

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