Tuesday, 14 June 2011


What with the recent wet weather and the village Scarecrow Festival (more on that another post) we haven't been very productive on our patch lately - the wet weather has sent the grass and the weeds rocketing skywards, although I am grateful that as yet (touch wood) slugs don't seem to be too much of a problem.

But wet weather is perfect baking weather...and Oli (who is the head baker in our house) has been busy whipping up these beauties:

We generally make all of our own bread - once you have mastered it (which took us a good two years to get to the point of making reliably nice bread every time) I don't think you ever look back. But lately, since I have been on a massive tiny-bridesmaid-dress-induced-diet we have had a few bread free weeks. So it was nice, if a little guilty pleasure, to saw the end off the long loaf and scoff it with butter while it was still warm. Mmmm.

We use the River Cottage basic loaf recipe - although we vary the ingredients depending on what we have - this time a handful of linseeds went in and Oli used 50% wholemeal. Delish.

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  1. I struggle to make eatable bread for years, and then found the river cottage book and have never looked back. Those loaves look wonderful - such a pity you are carb free just now, but it does the job. I had a wedding induced spell last year too. xx