Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fast Food

Finally we have reached that time in the season when we are eating entire meals which have been grown on site.

The first pickings of spinach, dill, parsley and some eggs from the hens made a lovely spinach omlette (OK, I admit, the feta cheese was bought).

Oh yes, we even rusticaly gather the bounty in a rustic old trug.
And then last night, a salad using some leftover BBQ meat from the weekend with some tiny new 'Pink Fir' spuds, radish 'French Breakfast', leuttice, baby spinach leaves and some gorgeous carrot thinnings just eaten raw in the salad.

Oh and for afters and to be sliced over cereal in the mornings this week.....

They don't call it the good life for nothing!


  1. Hello! I just found your blog via a comment you left over at Frugal Queen's. I'm enjoying reading old posts on your blog and love the photos. Very jealous of your current vegetable bounty. I am London-based and fairly limited in what I can grow - currently growing salad in pots and I have ambitiously put peas and courgettes in small border (lots of manure and compost in first to break up the London clay!).

  2. Your strawbs look lush. We have a few plants which I thought were never fruiting, until I realised my kids are stealing every fruit off it before I get to see them! I don't know if you can buy kid proof netting.