Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Well according to local thermometers it has been down to -6 last night and any garden activity in the weekend was a write-off. The ground was too hard to get a fork in. And annoying as I wanted to exploit my newely re-discovered digging mojo - having gotten through 3/4 of veg patch 2 (there are four) the week before:

Still, at least the frost should kill off the pests in the soil which have been brought to the surface by the digging. Nothing much for it than to stay in the warm and drink tea - and browse the internet to see what other things can be done in preparation for the spring.

As I kind of fell out of love with the garden in the autumn, I didn't plant any bulbs - which I massively regret. So treated myself to these gorgeous 'tete-a-tete' dwarf narcissi from the garden centre and planted them up in a bowl. Only one has managed to burst through so far but the little flash of yellow is just enough to keep me going on these frosty mornings.

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