Monday, 6 February 2012

Pigs In Blankets

Along with most of the South of England, we have had some very cold days (lowest -5c around here) and even a dusting of snow. The water trough has at least 3 inches of ice on it, which we have to bash though with a hammer in the mornings.

I felt very bad for the poor pigs, out there in their pig arc. It is corrugated iron, so not very well insulated at all. We do give them straw from time to time, to keep them off the ground and comfortable - but they eat it, so a bale only lasts a week! They had snuffled the earth and remains of the straw into the corners, blocking off any draughts, and all sleep in a hollow in the middle.

People keep telling me that with those four boys in there all together, the body heat would keep them warm enough alone. I did check on them one night, and wheras the ground outside was frozen hard, the dusty earth inside the house was still loose, dry and friable. I can conclude then, that it must have been around or above freezing in there, but nontheless, still too cold to be comfortable. They are off in the next few days for slaughter, but I wanted their last week to be a happy one.

So as soon as we heard that the cold weather was on the way, we went and bought three big bales last week, and stuffed the pig arc full.

They checked it out approvingly:

And soon dived in, burying themselves completely. Only coming out on the promise of dinner.

Can you blame them?


  1. Hi Bonnie - thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I am laughing at your piggies in blankets. Ours like to bury themselves into the straw - and they eat it too.
    It hasn't been a good Winter for them - in fact I don't think I would have pigs again at this time of year.
    Hope everything goes well when they go. xxx

    1. I agree Jacqui, we have said that once these are gone, we are sticking to summer pigs, especially as it is dark most of the time that we are at home during the winter months. The only problem with this is that there is never any of our own pork for summer bbq's, as it only lasts 3 months (althoguh to be honest we have eaten it up to 9 months and it was OK)

  2. Bravo for giving them a last week of warmth and fun!

  3. Hello... I've been enjoying looking through your last few posts. I am new to both the world of blog and the self sufficiency thing. I found your site through the self-sufficientish forum looking at a post about sock knitting!! (Re Ravelry - isn't it ace?) At the mo we have a few chickens, some cool cats and a very daft dog. And loads of ivy. And brambles. Pigs are probably next and sheep eventually. Brilliant but all a bit daunting. Anyway, thanks again for a jolly nice inspiring blog... Sarah x

    1. Aww thanks Sarah. I recon if you got either sheep or pigs, you wouldn't have brambles for long! I have never seen ground-clearing like it.
      Just checked out your fab blog and 'follwed' it, look forward to reading the back catalogue when I get a chance.
      Where abouts in the South are you?

    2. We're in Devon, not too far from Exeter. I love it down here but I suspect I might love it even more in the Spring and Summer! It's blooming brass monkeys again today after false hope yesterday - I was outside in T-Shirt sleeves!! (For about 10 minutes, anyway, until I stood still.) Yeah, must take the piggy lunge very soon I think. Just a case of getting the fencing sorted really. Thanks for following, btw. Look forward to reading more of your posts...