Saturday, 11 February 2012

Getting Away for a Day

It was a lovely day today, with glorious winter sunshine and a balmy 2 degrees C - a slight improvement on last night's -15!!

With the still unmelted snow on the ground, there really wasn't much to be done around the farmstead, so we went on a 'day trip'. I would have liked a bracing walk to a lovely pub and then a lingering lunch infront of a roaring log fire, but as we are rather ahem...impecunious of late, it had to be a freebie. So we made a couple of sarnies and a thermos of coffee, and set off to the nearest beach. Being in Wiltshire, this meant Brean Down in Somerset, about an hours drive away.

Being Brean Down (basically Weston-Super-Mare) 'sea' is an abstract notion. While we were there, the 'sea' was half a mile out from the huge sandflat. The dog and I ran out to splash in the Atlantic...and ran...and ran. We had to turn back when we started to sink into the boggy quicksand. Oh well, it was pretty in the sunlight.

Do you see the mountain goats? No, I kid you not (hahaha). There were loads - not what you expect to see by the seaside.

Once we had got to the top, we scoffed down lunch. Nice to soak up some winter rays.

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  1. I love these photos and it looks like much more fun than going to the pub for lunch! Bet it was bracing though brrrrrr!