Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well reader, since my last post about my list of outstanding jobs I am pleased to announce that I have finished one project - the unfinished socks.

I thought it was going to be a matter of just sewing up the toes, but no - I found that I had actually abandoned the fourth sock mid way through. This meant I had to trawl the internet for the pattern, unpick it to a stage I recognised, and finish it, before sewing up all of the toes. But I did it - so unfinished project number 5 is off my list!

The practice run. Yes, the toe seam on the left foot is running vertically not horizontally, it's not a trick of the light.

The expensive tweedy wool pair - if honest, not as good as the practice run.

Now look, they aren't perfect, I know. Because I was so impatient, I made them more like ankle socks than the nice woolly legwarmers I envisaged...but I could feasibly make a nice long pair now if I wanted to (but not until my other unfinished projects are finished!).

The four socks probably cost about £10 in wool and needles - more than enough to by a snazzy pair of 'North Face' hiking socks in Blacks. But it is a comfort to know that if the apocalypse arrives tomorrow and I have to resort to knitting my own, my tootsies will be toasty and warm.

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