Friday, 10 February 2012

Gratuitous Snow Pictures

I am lucky in that I work so close to my home (in the same village) that I can pop back at lunchtime, to walk Libby, our pooch.
It was so pretty this lunchtime, I thought I would take some snaps before it all melted away.

The poor daffodils don't know whether they are coming or going, having come up early only to be clobbered by snow!

Doh! We probably should have put these in the log store while we had the chance.

I love these chicken tracks in the snow.

In my defence, the dog coat was a Christmas present...

The village duck pond is frozen solid - no sign of any ducks today.

I love this crazy topiary and how the snow shows up the dry stone wall so nicely.

All in all, a nice walk for Libby and also for me.


  1. Cor what a lovely village. Feel totally swizzed. Had no snow. Just sleet and icy roads. Bah.

    1. Yes, the Southwest always gets done over when it comes to snow. Although I remember last year when the whole M5 belt was totally paralysed because of the snow. You never know, there is still another month of winter...

  2. Snow here but no nice village to walk through in in! Took myself off to the local RSPB reserve instead - there weren't many ducks there, either!

    1. Thanks Robyn, it is a gorgeous village.

      We are only able to live here because we are renting - house prices are astronomical. I think we are the village paupers - the pub landlady takes pity on us and saves the peelings for our pigs and we are the only house with a rusty M reg Vauxhall Corsa parked outside. Hey's quite nice being deluded while it lasts! Hehe