Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Well Darn Me!

I spent five hours on the M4/M25 on Monday as a passenger. It is always annoying sitting still without doing anything constructive, so I thought I would put the time to good use.

My lovely woolly sock (not knitted by me I feel I should add) got caught on a rough screw on our carpet joiner strip thingy and developed a gaping hole. These are the most comfortable, warmest socks in the world, so I was not prepared to throw them away.

I had a go at darning the hole. I guess this is a skill which is on the decline - I have certainly never been taught how to do it, and there isn't much point darning a 'Next' skinny knit sock which only cost a pound in the first place. But it is well worth it for chunky real wool socks like these.

Using a darning needle, I created a row of vertical stitches using as many of the remaining original stitches as possible.

I then made a 'lattice' by weaving horizontal stitches through the vertical ones. It pays to keep the stitches as taught as possible here - mine weren't that tight so it is a bit wonky.

Secure the wool and snip off. Finished! Not the most beautiful repair job, but OK for a first attempt I thought and my lovely socks are back in action.

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  1. Ooh - well done you! i remember my Mother had a darning mushroom - i suppose to keep those vertical stitches taught. Great seed sowing post above too. xx